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We are dedicated to providing Nebraska's most confidential sales process through quality representation and buyer qualification.
Jethro Hopkins and Jason Wollen have been business owners in the Lincoln community for several years and private business brokers for 2 years on October 1, 2015 they founded No Coast Business Advisors LLC and started working on business brokering publically.

The Goal of No Coast Business Advisors is to help the business owners of our territory to succeed weather that means selling a business, finding them an investor/business partner, or helping them license their business's or products we want our clients to succeed.

Which is why we also include recommendations for accounting, legal services, and financial advisors at our first meetings with our clients the people we recommend have our trust that they are out for our clients best interests and have the knowledge base to help our clients succeed even after they stop being our clients

We are specifically trained in the confidential sale of existing businesses to qualified buyers. Our first priority is confidentiality using non-disclosure agreements and we protect confidentiality before - during - even after the sale.
Our Business Associates:
-Completed NAABB's comprehensive training program
-Active in NAABB's comprehensive support network
-Active with NAABB's networks and resources
We provide our NO FEE promise