Nebraska Business Sellers Services


Important Information for Potential Sellers

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you about what is involved with selling your business so there are no surprises when you hear from us about becoming our client. First we like to meet you face to face and see if you are interested in doing business. You should not be hasty in your decision of business broker to use for the sale of your business it is important that you find someone who you can work with for the next six to nine months. We charge no upfront fees for the selling of a business we handle all the of the costs associated with selling your business which is covered by our commission fee which is on a sliding scale starting at 10% or $10,000 whichever is more up to a sell price of $1,000,000. This fee is due at the time of closing and never before then; nor will there be any fees for anything to you except for our commission price at closing.
After we meet with you and get to know each other a little and you decide if we can do business together or not the next step is a business market valuation. This gives both yourself and us a hard market value for the price of your business. Please see the market valuation tab for more information on what is needed to perform a market valuation after we complete the market valuation we will setup a meeting with you again to discuss the valuation and decide if you would like to continue with the sale of your business. At this point we will sign a listing agreement if you decide to move ahead with the sale of your business with us as your business brokers.
Selling a business takes six to nine months on average some businesses could take longer it all depends on market saturation. With the sale of a business it is always important to have a lawyer review any documents before signing them so you can make sure that what you are signing is not only valid but also is not hurting you in anyway. We ourselves are not lawyers while we have some that we recommend to any client for the sale of a business we ourselves cannot offer you legal advice and there could be something in an offer from a potential buyer which we ourselves could miss as well. That is why it is always important to have a lawyer who can review things before you sign them. We can also refer you to people who we trust to help you with future planning for the amount of money you will make off of the sale of your business. Keep in mind that a business sell gets taxed as capital gains for more information on that tax you should speak with your accountant if you do not have one we also have accountants who we trust which we recommend to any business.

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