Business Buyer Qualifications in Nebraska

As a business buyer you need to be motivated to move forward in due diligence on any business that you have an interest. We will NOT ask you for any upfront fee or deposit for the following…
1. To view the business overview and profile
2. To tour the business at a scheduled time with us and our client (seller)
3. To view the business financials, cash flow analysis or financial due diligence
So as you can see there is no obligation for taking the above three steps once we have received the Buyer Profile and Non-Disclosure. We will not pressure you because we know that pressure creates fear and we do not want potential buyers fearing our process. We bring the following statements to your attention regarding our process…
  • Full Disclosure meaning we can prove all facts or financial data represented on a business
  • We have an exclusive agreement with the seller and all communication goes through us
  • We do not provide proprietary information (customer names, employee names, trade secrets)
The process is simple once this packet is completed and returned to us…
1. We will provide you a basic business profile on this business
2. We will arrange for a tour of the business and meeting with the owner
3. We will provide you a full financial and information disclosure
4. We will expedite your due diligence request for further information within 3 days
5. We will discuss your interest level and the offer process (no pressure)
* Steps # 2 & 3 can be reversed upon request.
We can also provide buyer financing on most businesses listed for $50,000 and up however we cannot arrange for financing until after an offer has been accepted. Finally keep in mind that we also provide business buyer services such as…
1. Business Market Valuations on businesses you are considering not represented by us
2. Business Buyer representation where you can hire us to represent you in a transaction
3. Business Buyer Brokering where you hire us to target businesses right to the closing