Quality Business Market Valuations in Nebraska

Business Market Valuations are an essential part to all of the services which we offer except for one as a result we provide them for free to those clients who are looking to use one of our services except for consulting. However sometimes a business owner wants a Business Market Valuation for other purposes such as bank loans, transition planning, financial planning, tax purposes, or to determine buy in price for a business partner; in such a case we provide a Business Market Valuation for a flat-fee of $250.

Estimating Business Market Value

Business Market Valuations are accurate for up to a year, and we recommend any business have one done once a year unless your sales or cash flow change drastically within that year in which case you should have one done when the drastic change occurs.
Here at No Coast Business Advisors, We use a method that's the most accurate way to determine the monetary value of a business and it is a set standard based on hard numbers rather than an estimate of a business potential. Keep in mind that we recommend that a business that is for sale should be sold at the price of the business market valuation however we will market a business at whatever price the client requests us to do so at.

Certain paperwork and information is required in order to give you an accurate Business Market Valuation following is a list of what we need to perform an accurate valuation.

  • Previous 3 years Tax Returns
  • Previous 3 years Profit and Loss Statements if you have them
  • Year to date if you have one
  • A total value of your inventory at replacement cost (each item can be listed if your prefer however that is not necessary inventory is defined as any product which is for sell by your business)
  • A total Value of FF&E (fixtures, furniture, and equipment) at replacement cost if the total value of any item in the FF&E is greater than $500 it must be listed separately from the total value such as a $15,000 vehicle (this includes anything that is not inventory: office furniture, computers, vehicles, etc.)
  • Real Estate Value we depend on the business owner to provide us with a fair estimate of any real estate which is part of the business.
  • Intangible Asset Value list (copyrights, patents, and trademarks etc.)
  • A meeting with you to discuss add backs (your salary and anyone else's salary that would be added back into the business if it was sold, car insurance, personal expenses, and other things of that nature)
Teamwork Meeting - Business Strategy in Lincoln, NE
Once we have the paperwork and a meeting to discuss your add backs we can get your Business Market Valuation done within two business days. When we complete the valuation if you are paying for the valuation we can mail it to you, deliver it in person, or email it to you we will ask how you want us to deliver it to you during the meeting where we are discussing your add backs
Feel free to call us today and set up a Business Market Valuation.